Edible Gelatin

Edible Gelatin adds texture and elasticity to a myriad of culinary delights. Enhance your culinary creations with this essential, gelatinous marvel.

Bovine Gelatin

Bovine Gelatin is extracted from bovine hide/bone, it is widely used in food industry.
Bovine Gelatin can be used alone or in combination with other colloids in the production of confectionery. As edible gelatin powder, bovine gelatin is widely used in the production of gel candies, liquor core sugar, yogurt ingot sugar, licorice sugar, fruit flavored Swiss sugar and other products.

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Halal Gelatin

Gelken as a professional gelatin manufacturer, can provide Halal gelatin with full certification. And we focus on the Halal gelatin for many years. The main market of our halal gelatin are all over the world, especially in India, Vietnam, Thailand and so on. What we pursue is to make our products the best.

Halal gelatin, it means that the gelatin was produced without any porcine based products,As food grade gelatin, halal gelatin is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids which are necessary for the human body. Halal gelatin is widely used in the food industry and is a good quality food additive.

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Pork Gelatin

Pork gelatin, is classified as a natural food, which contains important amino acids. Our pigskin gelatin is a completely digestible protein suitable for human consumption.

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Kosher Gelatin

Kosherl gelatin is made of bovine bone. It is clean and free of impurities, with high light transmittance and clear lattice. Kosher gelatin has instant solubility. When making baked food such as mousse cake, kosher gelatin can be dissolved by soaking in cold water for one minute. When making frozen milk, pudding and other desserts, kosher gelatin can be directly put into the ingredients for heating and stirring.

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