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Pharmaceutical Gelatin

We ensure that our gelatin is of the highest purity and meets the strictest quality standards. This pharmaceutical grade gelatin is carefully processed to obtain a clear, odorless, and tasteless product.

Gelatin for Hard Capsules

Hard capsule refers to a certain amount of medicinal material extract and powder or auxiliary materials into uniform powder or particles. Gelatin is used as the packaging of medicine.

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Gelatin for Softgel Capsules

Pharmaceutical gelatin is the main raw material of capsule, microcapsule, substitute plasma and sponge.

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Gelatin for Tablet

When medicinal gelatin is used in tablet production, it can be used as tablet adhesive or tablet coating. Because of gelatin’s adhesive effect, tablets have adhesive, temperature resistance and hardness.

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Gelatin For Mircro-Encapsulations

Gelken’s gelatin is both a great binding and coating agent for protecting active ingredients. Through its emulsifying properties microcapsules are formed naturally. Great solubility improves point of use delivery.

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Gelatin For Medical Use

Our gelatin in medical applications is not only for capsules and tablets, but also for surgical obturators, haemostatic sponges, ostomy bags and more.
Thanks to our GMP standard,our gelatin can be delivered to most pharmaceutical application which need gelatin.

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