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Bovine Gelatin

Bovine Gelatin is extracted from bovine hide/bone, it is widely used in food industry. Bovine Gelatin can be used alone or in combination with other colloids in the production of confectionery. As edible gelatin powder, bovine gelatin is widely used in the production of gel candies, liquor core sugar, yogurt ingot sugar, licorice sugar, fruit flavored Swiss sugar and other products.


The characteristics and usage of food grade gelatin powder are very diverse. In the production of confectionery, its gelling properties and thermal plasticity are mainly used. As a protein, thermo-reversible properties are characteristic of bovine gelatin, which makes the sugar liquid to be gelled when it cools and melted when it is heated. This is the most important characteristic of bovine gelatin and it is also the most widely using property in the production of confectionery. According to the different characteristics of gelatin powder, bovine gelatin’s main role in candy production is also different.

Test Criterion:GB6783-2013 Gummy Candy Marshmallow Yogurt
Physical and Chemical Items      
1. Jelly Strength (6.67%) 200-280bloom 220-260bloom 160-220bloom
2. Viscosity (6.67% 60℃) 25-35mps 25-35mps 25-35mps
3. Mesh 8-60mesh 8-60mesh 8-60mesh
4. Moisture ≤12% ≤12% ≤12%
5. Ashes(650℃) ≤2.0% ≤2.0% ≤2.0%
6. Transparency (5%, 40°C) mm ≥500mm ≥500mm ≥500mm
7. PH (1%) 35℃ 5.0-6.5 5.0-6.5 5.0-6.5
8. SO2 ≤30ppm ≤30ppm ≤30ppm
9. H2O2 Negative Negative Negative
10. Transmittance 450nm ≥70% ≥70% ≥70%
11. Transmittance 620nm ≥90% ≥90% ≥90%
12. Arsenic ≤0.0001% ≤0.0001% ≤0.0001%
13. Chrome ≤2ppm ≤2ppm ≤2ppm
14. Heavy Metals ≤30ppm ≤30ppm ≤30ppm
15. Lead ≤1.5ppm ≤1.5ppm ≤1.5ppm
16. Insoluble substance in water ≤0.1% ≤0.1% ≤0.1%
17. Total Bacteria Count ≤10 cfu/g ≤10 cfu/g ≤10 cfu/g
18. Escherichia coli Negative/25g Negative/25g Negative/25g
19. Salmonella Negative/25g Negative/25g Negative/25g
20. light yellowish color, Solid granule or powder, will be soft when soak in water, can absorb 5-10times of water. Odorless and Tasteless
21. Quality guaranteed period: Three years, Should be stored in the sealed containers in cold dry conditions away from odoriferous materials.
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