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Kosher Gelatin

Kosherl gelatin is made of bovine bone. It is clean and free of impurities, with high light transmittance and clear lattice. Kosher gelatin has instant solubility. When making baked food such as mousse cake, kosher gelatin can be dissolved by soaking in cold water for one minute. When making frozen milk, pudding and other desserts, kosher gelatin can be directly put into the ingredients for heating and stirring.


Kosher gelatin will present a special yellowish hue when dissolved. This characteristic can be adjusted by heat treatment during machining. Modern technology has been able to produce crystal gelatin. Kosher gelatin with high expansion is transparent. These kosher gelatin is usually used in products that do not want to be interfered by color.

Gelken Kosher Gelatin production will be strictly controlled to ensure that raw materials and their suppliers are carefully selected. All raw materials used in gelatin production will be strictly tested to ensure the best quality, safety and traceability.

Because of its natural origin, our kosher gelatin is considered as a food rather than an additive in most countries. For example, in Europe, gelatin has no E-code.

In addition, there is no transgene, no allergy and no cholesterol label for gelatin

Main features:

Gelatin melts at body temperature, which gives it a great taste, making it an ideal choice for sweets such as marshmallows, marshmallows, marshmallows and many other dairy products, meats and desserts.
Natural source, no allergy, completely suitable for human use, so it is also a perfect excipient and biomaterial in the field of medicine.
With thermal reversibility, it means that heating can turn into liquid, cooling can gel, and it will not be destroyed again and again.
Transparent texture, no taste, so it can be processed into other flavors or colors.

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