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Type III Collagen: The Structural Protein Found in Skin And Blood Vessels

Type III collagen is a protein that is a major component of the extracellular matrix in many internal organs and skin. It is the second most abundant collagen in soft tissues and is most commonly found in tissues with elastic properties, such as skin, lungs, and blood vessel walls.

Type III collagen is made up of three alpha 1 chains that form a long triple-helical domain. It is synthesized by cells as a pre-procollagen and is the first collagen to be synthesized in the early stages of wound healing. It is then replaced by collagen I, the dominant skin collagen.

Type III collagen works with type I collagen in skin, ligaments, blood vessels, and joints. It is good for skin health.

Defects in type III collagen can cause arterial, intestinal, and uterine fragility or rupture. Other typical features include thin, translucent skin, extensive bruising, and a characteristic facial appearance.

Increasing Your Intake of Type III Collagen

Type III collagen is essential for soft connective tissues in organs, muscles, blood vessels, and skin. Since our bodies gradually produce less collagen, getting enough from diet and supplements is key.

Food sources containing some type III collagen include bone broth and whole cuts of pork, chicken, and fish. Simmering bones/connective tissue helps extract soluble collagen fibers.

Hydrolyzed collagen supplements, derived from bovine or marine sources, provide collagen building blocks containing type III. Dosages range from 2.5g to 15g daily.

Type III collagen also assists wound healing by increasing early on. Vitamin C, zinc, and copper help stimulate natural collagen production and cross-linking while limiting degradation.

Lastly, collagen-boosting foods like citrus fruits, berries, garlic, and leafy greens support optimal type III collagen levels for vibrant skin, flexible blood vessels, and tissue repair.

People May Ask

What Is Collagen 3 Derived from?

The skin, muscles, and blood vessels are the most typical sources of collagen type III.

The Most Abundant Place for Type 3 Collagen?

Its chemical makeup is comparable to that of type I collagen. The chain makeup of the molecule is [α1(III)]3, making it a homotrimer. The aorta and dermis are where type III collagen is primarily found in tissue. Type III to type I collagen ratios in tendon and bone are quite low.

Is Collagen Type 2 The Greatest?

Yes, Type 2 collagen is really beneficial for healthy joints. It has demonstrated the ability to lessen joint discomfort and inflammation, enhance joint movement, and promote general joint health.

What Advantages Do Type 1 And Type 3 Collagen Offer?

Types I and III collagens make the skin more elastic, which reduces wrinkles and gives you a young shine! These forms of collagen also aid in building stronger nails and bones.

What Type of Collagen Ages You More Gracefully?

Choose type I collagen or a combination of type I and III if you're taking it for its anti-aging properties. Both are present in the skin and help maintain its health (imagine: increased skin hydration, firmness, and texture, along with a decrease in wrinkles, according to a review research published in the journal Molecules in 2019).

Which Kind of Collagen Is It, Type 3 Or Type 4?

Different kinds of collagenAs type IV collagen is a crucial component of the basement membrane, the other two structural collagens, types I and III, are significant components of the skin (see p. 141). The other kinds of collagen are present in the skin in very modest concentrations.

When Is Type 3 Collagen Most Beneficial?

In the skin, ligaments, blood vessels, and joints, type 3 collagen complements type 1 collagen. It also enhances the elasticity and vitality of the skin. As a whole, types 1 and 3 are the most common in the body and would be most advantageous for skin health. The greatest advantage for joint health would come from type 2.

What Signs Indicate A Deficiency of Collagen?

A lack of collagen can lead to the following symptoms: wrinkles and suppleness loss in the skin. Cellulite.Instead,fragile nails and hair.hollow cheeks.Instead,Pain in the joints; osteoporosis and osteoarthritis; loss of muscle mass.inadequate flow of blood.Instead,Additional things...

Can You Take Collagen in All Five Forms at Once?

Each kind of collagen serves a specific function in your body, so combining them all at once might not be the best course of action if your goal is joint pain reduction rather than anti-aging effects.

How Does Type III Collagen Function?

In hollow organs like the uterus, colon, and big blood vessels-tissues that have to tolerate stretching-type III collagen plays a crucial structural role. Alongside type I collagen, it is also present in a wide range of other tissues.

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Top Reviews

Jonquil M

I regularly take collagen to help with joint issues and to get better skin and hair. If I take enough of it, it typically works, and I don't usually feel the need to search for something "better." I take 1000 mg everyday. I take one of these pills in the morning and one at night because they are roughly 500 mg each. They're fairly large; they resemble calcium pills in size! I had some concerns that the tablet form factor might not be as efficient as powder and capsules. Nope, in fact, because this tablet form releases the collagen gradually rather than all at once into my system, I believe it may even be more effective for me. Compared to other methods, this one has managed joint discomfort significantly better. It should be mentioned that in addition to my prescribed arthritis medication, I also take other vitamins. As a result, outcomes may differ when using supplements. Still, I thought it was an excellent product at a terrific price. ????


I want a collagen supplement in pill form because I take them every day. I don't have enough time to remember how to handle powders. These capsules offer just what I need and work great. After taking Vital Proteins for years, I can't compare. They are easily absorbed and leave no aftertaste. (5) stars

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