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Gelken Gelatin For Soft Capsule


Soft capsules have a long history as a reliable and stable oral dosage form used to deliver life-saving drugs, minerals, vitamins or other health ingredients to the body. Soft capsules are sealed capsules containing liquid or semi-solid filling formulations, ideal for liquid or semi-solid filling and ideal for the delivery of oily preparations such as omega-3 fish oils. Many consumers prefer soft gelatin capsules because they are easy to use and swallow.

Gelatin soft capsule features:
Soft capsules have many advantages, such as being easy to swallow, mainly due to their main ingredient, gelatin. Gelatin is a colorless dry powder of animal origin that has been used for centuries in many food and pharmaceutical uses. For consumers, gelatin dissolves in the body at normal body temperature, making it an ideal ingredient in soft capsules. While protecting the active ingredients in the capsule from oxygen, light, moisture and dust, the gelatin in the soft capsule also makes it easy for consumers to swallow. In addition, the size and color of the capsules help them more easily identify the corresponding drugs or nutrients inside. And the soft capsule has the characteristic of not sensitive.

Soft capsules can improve the bioavailability of ingredients. For manufacturers and distributors of soft capsules, bioavailability is the deciding factor. The consumer need for a food supplement or drug is to ensure that the active ingredients can be broken down and absorbed by the body. The soft capsule has ideal dissolution characteristics, which can accurately control the time and location of ingredient release. In addition, consistency and accuracy of dosage are also the advantages of soft capsules. GELKEN’s new gelatin-based drug product does not increase the time or cost of making capsules, allowing manufacturers to use existing equipment to produce refined intestinal solutes step by step.

GELKEN tailored for you to create soft capsules with special performance:
In addition to standard gelatin, GELKEN have developed various grades of pharmaceutical gelatin for the manufacture of soft capsules that meet the specific requirements of each manufacturer. For example, for analgesics that require rapid release of ingredients, or for ingredients like fish oil that require slow release in the gut. We can even customize the type of capsule required by customers according to the extreme storage conditions, to ensure that their products always maintain the desired function.

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