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Animal Collagen: Porcine Gelatine Explained

Porcine gelatin originates from pigs. It is extracted by boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones of pigs to release natural collagen. Through additional processing, the collagen forms a versatile gelatin molecule used to stabilize, texturize, and encapsulate products.

In pharmaceuticals, tiny amounts of porcine gelatin help protect live viral components in some vaccines. For example, the nasal influenza vaccine contains trace hydrolyzed pork gelatin to shield viruses from temperature shifts during distribution and use. Beyond stabilizing vaccines, porcine gelatin also enables gel capsules and other drug delivery methods.

Gelatin has the same foundation across sources — collagen from animal tissues like skin and cartilage. pork has become a leading gelatin source alongside cattle, fish, and poultry. Still, religious, ethical, and allergen concerns exist around porcine-derived ingredients. While production follows strict purity and quality guidelines, some individuals wish to avoid pork for personal reasons. plus, gelatin allergies, though rare, can also preclude its safe use in vaccines and medications for some people.

By understanding what porcine gelatin is, where it comes from, and its role in pharmaceuticals, patients can discuss any concerns about related ingredients with their healthcare providers. Making informed choices empowers individuals to manage their health in line with their needs.

The Origins And Manufacturing of Porcine Gelatine

Porcine gelatin comes from collagen found in pig parts including skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Collagen is a fibrous protein rich in amino acids like glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

To produce porcine gelatin, these pig parts go through hydrolysis - an extensive boiling in water and acid that extracts and breaks down the collagen strands into gelatin. It gets classified as Type A gelatin.

The composition gives porcine gelatin unique properties. It contains more proline and hydroxyproline versus cattle-derived Type B gelatin. This provides superior gelling power over a wide pH spectrum, higher melt points, and better stability.

These useful thermal and textural qualities make porcine gelatin a common multi-use food and pharmaceutical additive. For example, trace amounts of pork gelatin act as a stabilizer in some live attenuated vaccines to protect viruses against temperature changes during storage and delivery. It also enables technological advances like gel capsules.

By leveraging inherent collagen proteins, producers can efficiently generate gelling agents like porcine gelatin on an industrial scale. The process and animal origin create considerations around personal and religious dietary preferences. However, understanding the science allows informed decisions about suitable uses.

People May Ask

Is There Gelatin in Nasal Spray?

The flu shot that includes porcine gelatine is a straightforward nasal spray that is very helpful and convenient for kids to receive. Children in primary school, some secondary school age children, and two and three-year-olds are administered the flu nasal spray.

Is It Prohibited to Use Nose Spray?

Has the vaccine been kosher or halal? The adult influenza vaccine is kosher and halal. Rabbi Abraham Adler of the Kashrus and Medicines Information Service has certified the nasal spray vaccine for children as kosher. Adler has provided advice to the government on matters related to kashrut.

Pork Gelatin: Is It Vegan?

Gelatin is not a vegan substance because it is made from animal body parts as its basic material and is typically not required for survival. It also turns all items containing it become non-vegan and even non-vegetarian options.

What Advantages Does Gelatin from Pigs Offer?

GelPro Peptipro Porcine Organic Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, gelatin helps relieve allergies, strengthens hair and nails, and helps maintain healthy bones. It also helps lessen joint discomfort and arthritis.

How Is Gelatin from Pork Produced?

The process of extracting gelatin involves partially hydrolyzing the collagen found in the bones, tendons, and hides of pigs, cows, and chickens as well as the skin and scales of fish.

Do Muslims Have Influenza Shots?

Since respiratory illnesses related to influenza have been reported to be the most common disease infecting pilgrims each year, the administration of influenza vaccination is highly significant for the Muslim community as well, especially for pilgrimage purposes in Saudi Arabia.

Does Agar Agar Include Gluten?

Agar Agar, an all-natural alternative to pork-derived gelatin and other non-halal, non-dhabiha meat sources of gelatin (which can also come from beef), is a mixture of sea-derived flakes that gels when combined with liquids. This makes it ideal for vegetarians and those who are concerned about eating halal.

Is Fish Gelatine Allowed for Muslims?

Yes, provided that the fish is scaled. Therefore, sturgeon or catfish gelatine is not halal. Sharks and eels aren't always halal.

What Negative Effects Might Porcine Gelatin Cause?

Belching, heartburn, bloating, and an unpleasant taste or feeling in the stomach are all possible side effects of gelatin. Some people are susceptible to allergic responses from gelatin. Because gelatin is derived from animal origins, there are certain questions regarding its safety.

Is All Porcine Gelatin?

Pork and cow are the primary sources from which gelatin is extracted. Because they are abundant and readily available, they are the most extensively used sources for the manufacturing of gelatin. Due to health and religious restrictions, fish is increasingly being used as a substitute source of gelatin.

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Top Reviews

Suze B.

My skin is better now that I've used this cream. My crows feet have vanished!I always put it in my water bottle!


I've used a few collagen supplements, but this one is the best in terms of flavor and affordability. To aid with healthier skin texture and lessen aging-related hair loss, I pour three heaping tablespoons into an 89 fl. oz. container of homemade lemonade. Although I'm not sure if it helps with hair loss, I believe it does help with better skin.


Although collagen products often don't taste well, this one doesn't either. Not that awful, really. My nails are growing out of control. I have rheumatoid arthritis, but it hasn't made a big difference for my elbow joints. Generally speaking, collagen has a big impact. I'll take it more seriously. It dissolves rather easily. Since my usual brand was unavailable, I'm trying this one instead. It is more affordable.

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