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The All-Purpose Of Gelatin. Did You Know That?


Gelken is a leading gelatin and collagen peptide manufacturer in China, with more than 10 years of experience in gelatin production and sales. Gelken has advanced production equipment and technology to produce high-purity, multi-category gelatin to meet the special needs of customers. As we all know, gelatin is a kind of multifunctional raw material, which is widely used in food, health care, medicine and other technical fields. The application of Gelken gelatin has penetrated into various fields and affects all aspects of people’s lives.

Application Of Gelken Gelatin In Food Field

Gelken gelatin can be used as gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier, film-forming agent, foaming agent and whipping agent and carrier in food production. It endows food with fat reduction, carbohydrate reduction, calorie reduction, protein supplementation, and taste enhancement. Therefore, it is widely used in chewing candy, marshmallow, dessert, yogurt, ice cream, cake topping and cake filling, bread spread, meat products and other products. Gelatin can extend the shelf life of a product while improving its stability.
Gelken leaf gelatin (gelatin sheet) is an essential accessory in western kitchens. The large package of gelatin tablets is suitable for Western kitchen chefs to use; while the small package of gelatin tablets is suitable for home use. Gelatin tablets are fat and carbohydrate free, pure protein, allergenic free and easy to digest. Gelken gelatin tablets are very easy to use and can be used to make simple, delicious low-calorie dishes and desserts. Such as meat jelly, cake dessert fillings, dipping sauce, cream or jelly and other foods.

Application Of Gelken Gelatin In The Medicine Field

Gelatin is an indispensable excipient for making soft/hard capsules. Gelken pharmaceutical gelatin, which can significantly reduce the cross-linking reaction between gelatin macromolecules, sets a new standard for the stability and solubility of gelatin capsules.

Using Gelken gelatin to produce enteric capsules eliminates the need for additional or new capsule processing equipment, let alone the traditional two-step enteric coating process. With its strengths in the industry and consumers, Gelken has once again set a new high standard for enteric-coated capsule release.

Since the global epidemic, vaccines have become a hot topic. Gelken gelatin product is an ideal antigen stabilizer involved in vaccine production and manufacture, which optimizes vaccine stability. At present, Gelken gelatin has been put into use by some international vaccine manufacturers.

Gelken also has a highly specialized, high-purity, hypoallergenic medicinal gelatin. It has high body tolerance, low bioburden and excellent tissue cell affinity. Serves innovative medical devices such as tissue scaffolds, prosthetic eyes, bone fillers, surgical sealants and wound healing devices.

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