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Capsule Gelatin for Pharmaceutical Applications

Gelatin used specifically for capsule production undergoes partial hydrolysis to achieve certain molecular weights and physiochemical properties suitable for encapsulation. Manufacturers source the raw collagen from cattle bones, bovine hides, or porcine skins rather than from more complete animal breakdown during food harvesting.

Combining gelatins extracted from separate bovine and porcine tissues using different processes yields capsules with an ideal balance of rigidity, solubility, and low viscosity for shape retention and dosage delivery performance. Additional chemical markers also confirm raw material lot consistency for reliable gel properties.

Once encapsulated around powders, liquids, or drug compounds, these oral delivery vehicles shield sensitive contents from external humidity, oxygen, or stomach acids until intentionally dissolving post-swallowing. Gelatin's safety profile at consumed amounts enables the creation of suitable vegetarian or textured alternatives for individual needs. By leveraging collagen properties, capsule gelatin serves integral roles in quality drug encapsulation and complementary medicines.

Manufacturing Capsules Gelatin

Producing pharmaceutical-grade gelatin capsules requires extensive processing of animal collagen to achieve specific molecular properties optimal for encapsulation. Common raw sources include cow bones, cattle hides, and pig skins that undergo controlled hydrolysis and drying.

Precise formulation balances gelatin rigidity and solubility by blending extracts from different collagen types and tissues. This allows the creation of an inert shell with ideal viscosity, strength, and digestive characteristics to contain and shield sensitive fill materials.

Capsules are manufactured through dip molding gelatin films built up by layering and air drying or annealing between coats. Humidity controls prevent overdrying. Once formed, capsules encapsulate drug compounds, botanical powders, or liquids needing oral delivery protection until intentional dissolution.

While mainly used for convenient medicines and supplement dosing that avoids intravenous therapies, specialized gelatin capsules sometimes enable other routes like rectal delivery as suppositories. With sound underlying science guiding safe production techniques, versatile gelatin encapsulation continues advancing quality drug delivery options.

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Top Reviews

Mats-Matti R.

There is about 1g of Kratom in each capsule. I absolutely adore the taste and consistency of Kratom and would never be able to live without it.

Teddi the Vegan

My cat needs medication with a flavor she cannot handle because she has megacolon. I use these pills to prevent her from tasting the medication. They perform wonderfully! If only they had a hint of color, I could see them in case they fell. Overall, a fantastic product!


Twice a day, my cat needs to take a little, unpleasant pill for cardiac medicine. She actually won't eat anything that comes into contact with them, even treats and pill pockets, because they taste so bad. Even with the pill shooter, one misstep and I'd have a very unhappy, drooling cat on my hands. I can slip these capsules down her throat and they slide straight down with no taste at all. They work incredibly well. The extra preparation work is certainly worth it in the long run because I can fit the tablet into one gelatin capsule by breaking it in half. The size 4 fits me well; the size 5 was too tiny when I tried it. I was dubious at first because I believed it would be too large to fit down a cat's throat, but so far, no issues have arisen, especially when I use the pill shooter.

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