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3.It can contribute to zero waste and circular economy
5.From nature
6.No E-code
7.Suitable for products requiring “natural label”

In view of its unique gel and thickening properties, porcine gelatin is widely used by food manufacturers and restaurant chefs. Around the world, there are also many consumers cooking gelatin at home.

Gelken porcine gelatin are widely sold to many countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, South America and so on. We get very good feedback from our clients without any complaint and recall.

Our pig skin gelatin is made from fresh skin, low in heavy metals and free of impurities, with high transparency, high frosting and low viscosity. We specialize in the production of pig skin gelatin with a variety of properties, which have been widely introduced into candy, dessert, dairy products, meat, raw materials, beverages, nutrition and health markets.

We can provide pigskin gelatin from 80 to 280 bloom, and the mesh of pigskin gelatin can be provide from 8 to 80 mesh

Our reputable porcine gelatin brand can provide excellent freezing effect for all innovative chefs and cooks. This easy to handle and easy to use gelatin can provide you with a series of attractive food service solutions.

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