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Industrial Gelatin

Industrial gelatin is a protein hydrolyzed from the collagen part of the connective or epidermal tissues of animals. It is a fine chemical and a kind of gelatin product that is divided according to the different uses of gelatin.


Industrial Gelatin is also known as Technical Gelatin. For industrial gelatin, it is divided into skin gelatin, bone gelatin, hot melt gelatin powder, special gelatin for protein and special gelatin for feed. It has many excellent physical and chemical properties, such as the formation of reversible gels, adhesiveness, and surface activity. So that it is widely used in a variety of products of plate, furniture, matches, feed, packaging, paper making, textile, ceramics, coatings and metallurgy industries. It is a excellent industrial manufacturing adhesive.
Industrial gelatin is a kind of pale yellow or brown particles without unpleasant odor and visible impurities, and it contains 18 kinds of amino acids. It has a molecular weight of 10,000 to 100,000. Its moisture and inorganic salt content is below 16%, and protein content is above 82%, which make it an ideal protein source.

Test Parameters Specification Test Result
Sense Requirements light yellow transparent powder                 odorless                                                     tasteless                                                      Qualified
Gel Strength(6.67%  10℃) 180-200Bloom g 189 Bloom g
Viscosity(6.67%  60℃) 1.0-6.0 mpa·s 4.3 mpa·s
Mesh 8-60mesh 8 mesh
PH 5.5-6.5 5.7  
Transparency (5%) ≥ 300 mm 500 mm
Insoluble particles ≤ 0.2% < 0.1 %
Sulfur dioxide ≤ 50 mg/kg 5  mg/kg
Loss on drying ≤ 14.0% 12.1 %
Ashes ≤ 2.0% 0.52 %
Conclusion: This product is qualified according to GB 6783-2013.
Packing: 25kg per bag; P.E bag inside, and Kraft-woven bag outside
Quality guaranteed period: Two years, and it should be stored in the sealed containers in cold dry conditions away from odoriferous materials.
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