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3.3g 明胶片



For example, the matcha cheese mousse is made by breaking up digestive biscuits in a cooking machine and mixing them with melted butter liquid. Be sure to mix thoroughly.Then pour it into the four inch round mold, the bottom of the round mold remember to pad a piece of oil paper in advance!Then compaction it with the head of the rolling pin, be sure to compaction, compaction into the refrigerator refrigerated reserve;Put the gelatin tablets in a bowl, and then pour some cold boiling water into the bowl;Mix softened cheese with icing sugar.Beat the cheese with an electric whisk until it has swollen slightly.Sift the matcha powder into a small bowl and melt it with 30 grams of hot water. Because the matcha powder is difficult to melt, be sure to stir it a lot.Pour the matcha into the cheese bowl and use an electric whisk to mix thoroughly. Make sure to mix well.Add the softened gelatin sheet to the milk, then heat the milk over water to melt the gelatin sheet thoroughly.Once the gelatin sheet has completely melted in the milk, pour the milk into the matcha cheese batter and continue to turn on the whisk to beat it.And then we’re going to beat the light cream until it’s 7 and we’re going to distribute it, until it’s thick and it’s going to flow slowly;Then mix the light cream with the matcha cheese batter until well combined.Pour the matcha cheese mousse batter into the freezer. (This recipe can be used to make two 4-inch round molds.) Chill overnight.

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