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Gelatin For Mircro-Encapsulations

Gelken’s gelatin is both a great binding and coating agent for protecting active ingredients. Through its emulsifying properties microcapsules are formed naturally. Great solubility improves point of use delivery.


For the food industry, microcapsules can make pure natural flavor ingredients, and physiologically active substances into the food system, and can maintain physiological activity, they can make many traditional processes, but at the same time, they also cause many technological problems that can be solved with the usual technical means.

1. The powder will not be easy to process the storage of gas, and liquid raw materials solid, to improve solubility, fluidity, and storage stability, such as powder essence, powder edible oil, powder ethanol, etc.. For example, liquid oil such as heartwood, select appropriate wall material, the use of microcapsule technology can produce solid powder oil, very convenient to add to a variety of food raw materials. It is reported that in foreign countries, there are dozens of microcapsule products powder oil as food industry raw materials, used in all kinds of nutrition and health food or functional food.

2. Reduce volatilization prevents volatilization of flavor components and reduces flavor loss.

Reduce toxicity, reduce the toxicity of food additives, such as ferrous sulfate, aspirin, and other drugs wrapped, by controlling the release speed to reduce gastrointestinal side effects. For the pharmaceutical industry, microcapsule technology can be used to manufacture target preparation to achieve a directional release effect.

To enhance the stability of the material (easy to oxidation, easy to see the light decomposition, the influence of temperature and moisture) after many food additives made from microcapsule products, because of the protective wall, to prevent the oxidation, avoid or reduce the effects of ultraviolet light, temperature, and humidity, etc, to ensure no loss of nutrients, a special function is not lost.

Can make incompatible ingredients evenly mixed using microcapsule technology, the components that may react with each other are respectively made into microcapsule products, so that they are stable in a system, and various effective ingredients are released in order, respectively at the corresponding time, to improve and enhance the flavor and nutrition of food products.

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