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2g Gelatin Sheet

2g gelatin sheet is also known as gold gelatin sheet(2g). Normally, the strength of gold gelatin sheet(2g) is 220 bloom. The raw material of gelatin sheet is the same as ordinary gelatin, but it is in sheet form. It can be used to make mousse cakes, etc.


For example, the specific method of matcha tiramisu is: mix matcha powder with rum and water, and set aside;Egg white separation, the basin must ensure no water and no oil, and do not include egg yolk;Drip in the lemon juice and beat with an electric egg whisk at low speed until bubbles form. Add about 1/3 sugar and 1g salt and continue to beat at low speed. When the bubbles begin to disappear, add about 1/3 sugar.Beat until wet foaming;Add in the matcha mixture and continue to beat at low speed until 9 for distribution;Sift in the cake flour and starch, stir with a spatula, quickly and gently, do not draw circles;Mix well, pour into the 8-inch square mold, cover the bottom of the mold with a layer of oil paper, so that it is easy to unmold, put in the middle and lower layers of the oven, bake at 180 degrees for about 25-28 minutes, take out and cool, and then make cheese paste;Soak gelatin slices in cold water, whisk egg yolk with sugar;Boil sugar water until it comes to a boil.Slowly pour the sugar water into the egg yolks. Immediately transfer the bowl of custard cream to the boiling water and whisk continuously until the egg yolks are firm.After stiffening, take out and continue to kill, until the temperature of the bottom of the basin drops;Heat the mascarpone over water until dissolved, then remove from the pan and add the soaked gelatin slices and mix well.Divide the beaten egg yolk cream into the melted mascarpone in 3 batches.Stir gently;Whip with light cream, beat until there are lines but can still flow, 7-8 distribution;Pour the light cream into the cheese paste 3 times and toss well.Slice the chilled matcha angel cake into two large pieces and cut into strips or other shapes according to the container;Pour in some cheese paste;And then a layer of cake;Finally, pour in the cheese paste, almost full, and then refrigerate for more than 4 hours;Refrigerate and remove. Sprinkle with matcha powder.

Test Criterion:GB6783-2013
Physical and Chemical Items Index requirements Testing result
1. Appearance Pale yellow powder Light yellow pale
2. Odor(6.67%, 60℃) Odorless Neutral
3. Moisture % 11.8%
4. Gel strength(6.67%) ≥50Bloom 160
5. Viscosity ( mpa.s ) / 3.0
6. Transmission Wavelength 450nm ≥30% 76%
620nm ≥50% 93%
7. Ashes Content ≤2.0% 0.4%
8. Sulfur dioxide ≤30mg/kg 8
9. Residual Hydrogen Perxide ≤10mg/kg Negative
10. Water insolubles ≤0.2% <0.1%
11. Chromium ≤2.0mg/kg 0.5
12. Arsenic ≤1.0mg/kg < 1.0
13. Plumbum ≤1.5mg/kg 0.1
14. Coliforms ≤3 Negative/25g
15. Total Bacteria Count ≤1000CFU/g < 10
16. Salmonella Negative/25g Negative/25g
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