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Gelken Passes Annual ISO 22000 Audit, Demonstrating Commitment to Food Safety Excellence


In a significant milestone for Xiamen Gelken Gelatin Co., Ltd., the leading gelatin manufacturer, the company has successfully completed its annual ISO 22000 audit, reinforcing its dedication to the highest standards of food safety. The audit, conducted by an esteemed auditing entity, took place at the company in Fujian in January 2024.

ISO 22000 is an international standard that outlines the requirements for a food safety management system. Achieving certification under this standard is a testament to a company’s commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of its products throughout the entire food supply chain.

The audit process involved a comprehensive review of Xiamen Gelken Gelatin Co., Ltd.’s food safety management system, including its policies, procedures, and practices. The audit team meticulously assessed the company’s adherence to ISO 22000 requirements, covering areas such as hazard analysis, control measures, communication, and continual improvement.

The auditing team commended Gelken for our robust food safety management system, effective control measures, and commitment to continuous improvement. The certification not only recognizes the company’s current practices but also positions us for future success in a global market where food safety is of paramount importance.

This successful ISO 22000 certification underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering safe and high-quality gelatin products to our customers. It reflects the dedication of our entire team to upholding the highest standards of food safety.

Xiamen Gelken Gelatin Co., Ltd. is a leading player in the gelatin industry, supplying a diverse range of high-quality gelatin and collagen products to customers worldwide. With the annual ISO 22000 certification in hand, the company is poised to strengthen its position as a trusted supplier in the global market.

For further information, please contact:

Xiamen Gelken Gelatin Co., Ltd.

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About Gelken:

Xiamen Gelken Gelatin Co., Ltd. is a premier gelatin manufacturer based in Xiamen, China. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the company produces a wide range of gelatin and collagen products used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Learn more at www.gelken.com


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