Friday, 5 April 2013

Ridealist - Social Enterprise Video Productions

Ridealist Productions - was originally established in Hong Kong as a non-profit society in 2009. 

Since then we have produced more than 30 videos for small, grassroots NPOs and community groups entirely on a pro-bono, volunteer basis. 

In late 2012 we decided to embark on this work full time - and since mid-June this year have been setting up our new base of operations at our home near Limoges in southwest France. 

Our essential “business plan” is to produce documentary and social awareness videos as a social enterprise - at a social enterprise rate. This income will enable us to remain sustainable while pursuing our original ambition to provide media services on a volunteer/pro-bono basis to those groups and individuals who simply have no budget.

We’d like to become the “go to crew” for social documentary and awareness videos for the grassroots non-profit sector - globally! 

For some of our latest work please visit our website, but for a more comprehensive gallery of  the videos we have produced over the past couple of years please take a look at our page on GoodnessTV. 

Warm regards,

Chris Gelken

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