Monday, 4 March 2013

Ridealist - The "go to” crew for non-profit video

Ridealist Productions will be moving from Hong Kong to central France in May or June of this year.

After several years of producing awareness and fundraising videos for non-profits and grassroots community groups on an entirely pro-bono/volunteer basis, we have decided to establish ourselves as a freelance, social enterprise production house.

It is a necessary and inevitable move in order to preserve our own sustainability.

Accepting paid commissions - but at a social enterprise rate - is the only way to keep Ridealist going.

The funds raised will allow us to cover our expenses and give us the financial freedom to continue to produce campaign and awareness videos on a pro-bono/volunteer basis for non-profits or community groups that simply do not have a budget.

This was the reason we established Ridealist, and we have no intention of losing sight of our original goals.

While based in France, we will be very mobile and delighted to consider projects in any location around the globe.

Please share this information with your non-profit and NGO contacts and help us hit the ground running. Your support will help us keep our service free for the majority of our clients.

Warm regards,

Chris - our main website - host for 30 of our pro-bono videos - Chris’ Ridealist blog - Our project for children in Uganda

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