Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hands of Action Children’s Art Auction

Who would like to help us arrange a “cheap and cheerful wine, and cheesy nibbles” art auction?

Six-hundred children from 4 schools and orphanages, dozens of volunteers in Hong Kong, the UK, Malaysia, and Holland helped to create the Hands of Action Children’s Art Project. 

On the website, each digital image sells for HK$8 - about US$1 or 70 euro cents.

So far we’ve raised enough to provide 960 meals for the children who painted the pictures. But we could do so much better, couldn’t we? After all, creativity needs feeding!

The images have been quality scanned and are printable on canvas up to 30 x 40 cm.

We can get this done locally in Hong Kong for about HK$100 per print.

So, with the help of a sponsor we reproduce 10 pictures. Find a location, prevail on a generous wine supplier, set up Skype links with the children, and have a fun couple of hours chatting with the kids, enjoying each other’s charming company, pretending not to notice how cheap the wine is, and bidding on the pictures.

If this sounds like a plan... please do get in touch!

If you are not in Hong Kong, and think this would be something you’d like to do in your community, we’d be equally delighted to help you arrange it.

Warm regards,
Chris & Shirley

Ridealist - the “go to” crew for non-profit video.

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