Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ridealist down, but far from out!

The official Ridealist website - www.ridealist.com - is now offline. It was on a platform hosted by Apple which has now ceased operations.

We are working on designing a new website and will be sure to let everyone know when it goes live.

In the meantime, keep up to date here, on our blog, and by visiting:


Almost 35,000 individual views of Ridealist videos on this amazing, well presented platform. Highly recommended to non-profits and community groups who want to get their message to a wider audience.


While it lacks some of the refinements of GoodnessTV, it is a very effective platform and one of its best features is allowing well performing videos to remain in the public eye. For example, the opening page shows the best performing videos of all time, and Ridealist has six out of the top nine! (Check out page two and three!)

With 33,121 individual views of Ridealist videos over the past five months (at the time of writing), GoodTube has been a great asset to us, and to the non-profits we represent.

That’s an average of 6,600 views a month, or more than 235 views each and every day.

Both sites combined, we estimate between 400 to 500 individual views a day on Ridealist videos. With your help, we could do so much better!

We encourage you to visit these sites, not only to view Ridealist videos, but the awesome work being done by other filmmakers on behalf of great causes around the globe.

You might also want to visit:

This is Shirley’s new personal homepage. It features up to date information on what Shirley is doing, plus links to her latest full length documentary - When The Last Tree Dies - plus some of Ridealist’s current awareness videos.

Till next time,
Chris & Shirley

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