Saturday, 23 June 2012

We are not in competition - Small NPOs need to collaborate, not compete.

Most of the people we follow on twitter - and those that follow us - are in some way involved in the non-profit, charity, awareness sector.

We - and our friends in the twitterverse, cover a range of subjects.

Human trafficking, slavery, child abuse, domestic violence, the environment, animals, sustainability, human rights, volunteerism... we’ve covered them all at Ridealist.

Some of our most prolific RT’ers, and those that share our posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, do not have so many followers. Around the 1,500 mark for most of them. And they also do not follow that many people either.

The ones that never, or hardly ever RT are the LIONS (LinkedIn Online Networkers) or those that follow 50,000 people on twitter. Seriously, how can you do that?

Ridealist (@TheRidealist) and the crew that run it (@chrisgelken) would obviously love to have 50,000 followers, but could we seriously follow 50,000 other tweeters? Not a chance.

We already miss so much really good and important stuff that we’d like to share and RT, and besides, we’d never get any work done.

We are happy to keep it “village sized” - we can follow what you are doing, and you can follow (and hopefully RT) what we are doing.

But we do follow some of the bigger names in the twitterverse - it is always good to see what they are doing and how they are doing it. Intelligence gathering!

But the bigger they get, the less willing they are to cooperate. To share, to RT, to encourage. And this is kind of sad.

We are not in competition.

Our goals are the same, so if we do it, or if you do it, what does it matter? It gets done.

Here’s something I posted last year... And I still stand by every word..

Why we need to stick together!

Chris & Shirley 

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