Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Matt Owen - Magician with a heart of gold

Meet Matt Owen, the magician who doesn't hide his heart up his sleeve.

Matt Owen

Shirley and I spent an amazing Sunday afternoon filming Matt going through some of his routines, many of which he had designed specifically for our project.

Ridealist teamed up with this talented young conjurer to create a magic show to raise awareness of child abuse and trafficking.

We've all watched magic shows. They are mesmerizing. You simply can't stop watching.

We wanted to use this fascination to create something that will engage people, but will also tell a story, send a message, and raise awareness of a human crisis that goes on before our very eyes, but one which most of us don't see, or choose not to see. 

And Matt didn't disappoint. 

With three cameras, lights, boom mike, and a crowd of onlookers, the unflappable Matt was as patient as patient could be with our constant "Hmm, can you do that again, we just need to change the light/camera angle". 

So with about two hours of footage on each camera, it will take a little time to download everything to our cranky old computers and storage devices and get editing. 

But this is only the beginning of the story. 

What we edit from Sunday’s shoot is only a “taster” of what we can achieve in the final production - with your input! 

We'll be sharing it with our friends and partners who can then offer their input on where we need to make improvements, what elements stand out, what portions we should focus on and expand on. 

And of course - ultimately - how we should frame the message through this medium. 

As we've mentioned before. This isn't a Ridealist production. It's an "us" production. 

We're delighted that Annie Lin of AnnieWhoLifeStyleTV has agreed to partner with Ridealist and help on the production and promotion of the video. 

We've also been approached by other television and production companies such as VisionOnTV from the United Kingdom who may be interested in taking a pro-active role in the production. 

We are also indebted to the following for their encouragement, suggestions, and kind offers of support:

Help Spread This -
Lights, Camera, Help -
Free Them Now -
ECPAT Child Alert -
Elizabeth Bonetto  -
Tracy Whitmire - @rocketgirl3914
Lynn - @LifeIsSweetBaby
Phillippa Stewart -
Vince Giordano - @vincegiordano3 

Matt's non-profit interests cover a wide spectrum, and off-the-cuff he produced this, which we couldn't resist editing and putting online. 

Once again, our thanks to Matt, and everyone who is supporting this project. 

Chris & Shirley 

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