Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Seeking Nonprofit Partners

As many of you know Ridealist is now a legally registered society (non-profit) here in Hong Kong. We aim to tell compelling stories of people and organisations making a positive difference in their communities.

Our target "demographic" are those grassroots non-profits and community groups that could genuinely benefit from a promotional or "awareness" video but simply do not have the means either financially or professionally to produce one.

Consequently, all of our work is done on an entirely pro-bono, volunteer basis.

We are also interested in producing full length documentary videos on social issues for broadcast.

However, certain restrictions placed on Ridealist make it difficult or virtually impossible for us to raise funds on our own behalf to maintain and expand this service. While we are able to provide volunteer services for local groups, because of contractual obligations, we are unable to directly participate in fund raising activities in Hong Kong. Therefore, the partner nonprofit needs to be based overseas such as - but not limited to - the United States or Great Britain.

We are looking for partnership opportunities with established NPOs who might consider fundraising on our behalf for specific video projects - especially those that require travel outside of Hong Kong.

These projects may be linked to the partnering NPO, or for a third-party grassroots community group.

If you can help us in this regard, or perhaps suggest a suitable partner, we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Chris & Shirley
http://www.ridealist.com  /

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