Monday, 27 February 2012

Hands of Action Children’s Art Auction

Hi, the Hands of Action Children’s Art Project Online Auction site has been active for about five days. Up to a few minutes ago it had received about 600 individual unique “hits” - that means at least 600 people took the trouble to click on the link posted on FB, twitter, LinkedIn to find out what this was all about.

It’s about these kids....

And her...

And these...

And these...

And him.

But so far there’ve been no bids for the charming drawings on offer. There’s no minimum bid, the whole process is as transparent as we can make it, and every dollar you bid (donate) for the artwork goes directly to benefit the children. 

Despite our best intentions, we have to admit we are new to this online auction, fundraising business. And if we are honest, we are a little disappointed with the response. So if we are doing something wrong, if there’s something we could do better, then please let us know. Your feedback could make a huge difference. 

These children worked hard to help create the project, to produce something unique that would look terrific in your home or office. Something of their life in rural Uganda. They are not begging, they are aware that they have to take an active part in their own empowerment to become net contributors to society, rather than permanent aid recipients. 

Help them achieve their ambition. So go back to the link at the top of this post, and take another look. 

Thank you! 

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