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Hands of Action Children's Art Project - Exhibition Details

Hands of Action Children’s Art Project - Exhibition Update

Ridealist was recently delighted to be approached by EliteCapitalSolutions Hong Kong who expressed an interest in our Children’s Art Project, featuring the work of some 600 youngsters from four schools and orphanages in a rural district of Eastern Uganda.

After an extremely fruitful meeting last week, Elite quickly confirmed their desire to partner with Ridealist to host a physical exhibition of the prints at their office in Central, Hong Kong.

They have also generously arranged for a local wine company, Platinum Wines, to organize a “wine tasting” event to coincide with the exhibition. We are extremely indebted to both of these companies for their kindness and willingness to help this project on an entirely pro-bono basis.

The event will take place from 6.30pm on Thursday, March 15th at Elite’s office at the Printing House in Duddell Street.

About the exhibition.

We are planning to work on the original drawings and then have about 40 of them printed “double size” on 40x30cm canvas, and mounted on a wooden frame. These charming prints will be ready to hang in your home or office immediately! The original picture from the artist in Uganda will also be framed and placed with the canvas print. The purchaser will receive both framed images.

The images will be available through a silent or an open auction, we expect to have more details about that after the Chinese New Year!

The event will also be interactive.

Ridealist will be setting up cameras and at least two computers in the auction room where the event can be “streamed” over the internet, and we can also connect via VOIP to the main orphanage in Uganda.

This will offer participants the opportunity to get to know the principals of the recipient organization, and also meet the children who will directly benefit, and learn about their hopes and dreams for the future.

For more information (including media enquiries) about this unique, exciting and very worthwhile event, please initially contact Ms Shirley Han by email:

Ridealist pledge: Ridealist is a locally registered society providing volunteer/pro-bono media related services to small nonprofits and grassroots community groups. We feel compelled to repeat, we are entirely nonprofit and volunteer. All funds raised will be donated directly and electronically to the Hands of Action group in Uganda, will not pass through any Ridealist account, and Ridealist will not be taking any commission.

However, through our connections with Hands of Action in Uganda, we will be providing regular updates on how the funds were disbursed on our website and blog, and through the websites of other Ridealist volunteers in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Uganda.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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