Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Uganda through a child's eyes

These are the first paintings we managed to get scanned, but were impatient to share with you!

Aren't they just amazing?

The name and age of the young artist can be found in the box in the corner of the painting, just click on the image to get a larger view.

We have quite literally hundreds of pictures to go through before deciding on which ones we will use for a physical exhibition.

As we scan them, and prepare them for the online gallery, we'll keep posting little "teasers" here for you to enjoy.

The volunteers in Uganda, and of course the hundreds of children from schools and orphanages involved, put a lot of effort into these gems. These are their dreams.

We've asked this before: Can children become the artists of their own destiny? We truly believe they can. They worked on these paintings - and I mean "worked" - because they see in them an opportunity to share a little of their life experience with you.

These youngsters have the same dreams and aspirations as any child you know. They want to be doctors, pilots, nurses, engineers, teachers, firemen, policemen, farmers. All of them seem to want to become someone who contributes to society, to their community.

And this is where you can help. At the foot of the page we have put a donate button. You can contribute as much - or as little - as you feel comfortable with. The funds will be used to buy frames for the finally selected pictures to be displayed in public and auctioned.

If there is any money left over from the donations, it will go directly to the schools, orphanages and children who participated in this project. All of the work of putting this together is being done by volunteers. So you can rest assured, every dollar you donate, will go to putting this project together, which means it goes to the kids.

And to be frank, there are not many non-profits who can promise you that.

So give what you can, and please follow our progress on this blog, and our twitter: @chrisgelken - where we will post other donation options - plus introduce you to some other great grassroots non-profits out there who are doing amazing work in the community.

On behalf of the children from the district in Eastern Uganda where these charming pictures were painted, we thank you.

For more information on the activities of the organization who provided the volunteers on the ground in Uganda, please visit the Hands of Action website and their blog - oh, and don't forget their Facebook Page!

So as you look at these wonderful pictures, imagine how they'd make a delightful addition to your home.

Or office.

These children are not asking for a hand-out. They are not asking for charity. They are asking only that you give them the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Thank you.

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