Saturday, 26 November 2011

Peace International Foundation / Harmony House

One of the major projects we've been working over the past several months has been a 20 minute feature about the Peace International Hong Kong - Hong Kong Peace Festival 2011, Music and the Planet.

Packed full of amazing music and performances by local artistes, intermingled with quotes from some of the most widely respected figures in the field of sustainability and the environment.

We were honoured and delighted when PIF invited Shirley and I to become their official video producers for the 2012.

It means a year of diverse video projects culminating with the next Hong Kong Peace Festival in September, 2012.

This past week was also important for Shirley and I. Our work to raise awareness about domestic violence and child abuse was rewarded with a Certificate of Appreciation by local non-profit, Harmony House.

Let's be clear, it is not about awards or recognition, it is about the impact you can make on society, on your community. But from time to time, when work is piling up and sometimes things are not going exactly to plan, it is nice to be recognised for the effort you put in. Our heartfelt thanks to the good folks over at Harmony House, and all the other grassroots non-profits here in Hong Kong and around the world who devote their energies - often on a volunteer basis - to protect the vulnerable in their own homes.

Remember, hitting someone on the street is a crime. Hitting someone in the home, is also a crime.

A busy week ahead. The paintings will arrive soon from Uganda and our Hands of Action Children's Art Project will enter its next phase.

Please look out for our updates, they're coming thick and fast - almost on a daily basis.

There's always one thing we'll never be able to complain about at Ridealist - and that's not having enough to do!

Thank you all for your kind support,

Chris & Shirley

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