Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Joshua - by Leigh Thorsen

What does it cost to save a child's life? In this case, $3,500.

That's what's needed for heart surgery for four year old Joshua Khaukha of Uganda.

Joshua's dad, Moses, is Executive Director of Hands of Action Uganda, an NGO that works with farmers and orphans in eastern Uganda. Moses has dedicated his life to providing education, training and material support to a community that barely gets by on $1 a day.

Now it is Moses and his family who need help. Joshua has had a heart defect from birth, and urgently needs an operation called a PDA ligation. In the meantime, he is getting weaker by the day.

HOA supporters have launched an online appeal to get Joshua the medical attention he needs - fast!

Please click on the link below 'Joshua of Uganda Heart Surgery' to make a donation, no matter how small. We've already raised $600 this way.


Please tell your friends about Joshua. It's easy to donate online, and we will account for every dollar spent.

Your help is much appreciated!

Leigh Thorsen

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