Monday, 21 November 2011

Hong Kong Unison 2011 Hikathon

(For higher quality select 1080p on YouTube)

Ridealist was delighted to be invited to participate as videographers for the 2011 Hong Kong Unison Hikathon - an event designed to bring people from all backgrounds and ethnicities together for a fantastic day out of hiking in some of Hong Kong's most magnificent countryside.

More than 700 people participated in the event, choosing the short or, the for the ambitious, the long course, depending on their experience and ability.

Out of every twenty residents of Hong Kong, there is one ethnic minority living here. Surveys show over 40% of them are suffering from unemployment or unstable job security due to the language barrier and a lack of resources in access to quality Chinese language education.

In order to promote racial equality in the territory, Hong Kong Unison, a public charitable institution, organizes an annual hiking event named "Hikathon" to fight for equal education opportunities and quality Chinese education for all Hong Kong residents, especially the ethnic minorities.

For more information on Hong Kong Unison, please visit their website at - it's bilingual, so everyone can participate!

After the fun of the presentations, the foot-slogging began!

And at the end of it, the hikers were rewarded with refreshments and that particularly hard to describe sense of satisfaction that they had done something for their community, their society. For a multi-ethnic Hong Kong.

Really, you have to get out there and do something, volunteer for a day, to really understand what it feels like.

And once you've felt it, you will always want to go back for more.


Congratulations to Hong Kong Unison for a supremely successful and enjoyable Sunday hike, and many thanks to the dozens of wonderful people who made our life as videographers so easy!

We hope so see you again next year!

Chris & Shirley Gelken

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