Friday, 7 October 2011

We need a volunteer project manager

We are in need of a volunteer project manager.

Some of you may know we have initiated an art project with an orphanage in Uganda. It was inspired by our video Martin's Art.

You can read more about the idea at The Hands of Action Art Exhibition and Fundraiser

We have received the initial funding to purchase the materials - paper, crayons, pencils etc etc.. in Uganda.

So we are good to go...

But I am still tied up with Peace International Foundation - there's a lot of editing and we are planning a couple of more videos. Shirley gets back next week, but apart from editing her two documentaries from China, she'll also be shooting a video for the Unison Hikathon on Oct 23rd...I will probably be shooting too, and certainly doing the editing.

So you can imagine, we are pretty topped out.

If anyone wants to take on the job... description below... please let me know asap!

Project manager. It is mostly administrative stuff really.

Helping design how the project will run... Moses wants to expand to include other schools and orphanages in the region, he wants to have "themes" - obviously positive ones - for the different categories of picture.. size of picture, how long should we give them, chasing them up, how many pictures should we accept for the online gallery/auction.. making initial contacts with galleries in HK and elsewhere for the exhibition/fundraiser. Frames (Ikea?)

Generally, from the administrative level, making this thing work in the way we all want it to.

Considering and initially contacting other potential sponsors for follow up costs - such as first class high resolution scanning, frames, shipments etc.

This could go as big or remain as small - closed circle - as we want it.

You'd coordinate with other people who have contacts with Moses and who've worked with him on various projects. Ridealist as the producer, would just "officially" sign off on the steps as they go along.. so we can monitor progress and make sure we don't breach any of the conditions of our society status here in Hong Kong..

It would almost entirely be email and possibly skype based.. so your location is not a major factor, you can do this from just about anywhere. Except perhaps Lebanon, which I understand has the slowest and most expensive internet connections in the world!

The "grunt" work, making the videos etc.. we'll do here in Hong Kong.

We need to get this moving, so if you are up for it, contact us as soon as possible!

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