Friday, 23 September 2011

Peace, Art, Sustainability, and the Rights of Women

Let's try and bring you all up to date in the briefest way possible.

Ridealist was delighted to be invited as the camera team for the 2011 Peace International Foundation (Hong Kong) Peace Festival to mark international Peace Day this past weekend.

But even before last weekend's event, one of our volunteer camera operators, Jaqueline P'ng, filmed an interview with renowned Polar explorer Robert Swan, OBE.

The edited version was presented at the Peace Festival and according to organizers, was very well received. You can watch it here on YouTube. It will also appear on the PIF website and be shown at the United Nations!

It will be Ridealist's second video to get exposure at the world body, the first being "Taming the Yellow Dragon" filmed in the Kubuqi Desert of Inner Mongolia.

Our third video to get shown at the U.N. will be a short film I am currently editing that will present the highlights of the Peace Festival - and there were plenty of those!

We are, understandably, very excited by all of this!

Next on our agenda. I have put up a couple of posts today (and tweeted them out) about a project we came up with a couple of months ago, inspired by a video we produced for Vision Africa.

Martin's Art showcased the prints of a very talented young Kenyan artist who is using his skills not only to provide himself with an education for the future, but who donates much of the profits from the sale of his exceptional pictures to charity.

This gave us an idea... read about it here! Imagine it, a Hong Kong gallery bringing the work of young children from Uganda to a sophisticated audience. Let's make this happen.

Our good friend Marcia Bujold who did the amazing animation for Hands of Action Uganda is now working on the storyboard for an animated video we're producing for Soul Talk, a foundation devoted to helping women in crisis.

24 - Going Dark. Our 24-hour "off the grid" sustainability project is still very much a go, but it has had to be delayed because my nearest and dearest has been (and remains still) on assignment in China. But if you go back through the posts to see what has been planned, take a look at the suggestions, you'll get the idea. And if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to share!


Keeping Ridealist going can be tough. Expanding our reach - both geographically and technically is even tougher.

As we have often repeated - If you can afford to pay us, we are not the team for you. Please go find a video/photography production house that has a social enterprise/charitable element built into their business plan. They need your financial support to keep doing the great work they do.

Ridealist only accepts commissions from those who genuinely cannot pay. Our work is voluntary and totally pro-bono.

Having said that, we are looking for sponsors who will allow us to continue with our mission.

A friend said to me tonight, "There must be a philanthropist out there who would be delighted to fund your projects?"

Well if there is, and if that individual doesn't know where we are, do us a favour, and point him or her in our direction!

With continued thanks to you and our tremendous volunteers,

Chris & Shirley

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