Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Hat - and the Sai Kung Wedding Party

This is a great hat. It is one of my favorites and has a lot significance to me.

It is a Bailey "Curtis" fedora. And potentially it is worth almost HK$40,000

Actually, you can buy it from Village Hats for US$62 - a bargain!

So why would it be worth almost US$5,ooo?

Because when you want something, often you want it NOW!

Having a quiet drink in Hong Kong's Sai Kung district, my Curtis came to the attention of a large group of gentlemen celebrating the last weekend of freedom of one of their friends who is about to get married.

Suddenly, they all wanted to have their picture taken wearing the hat.

Okay, but be careful with it, it means a lot to me.

Then outrage, one of the group snatches the hat and runs off.

His friend apologizes, and offers to pay for the hat.

No problem. It will cost you HK$40,000 dollars.

Oh shock! You can't be serious?

Er, yes I can.

There were about 15 people in the group. All of them businessmen. None of them short of a few bucks. In fact, they were all throwing cash about and I have no doubt they were all spending up to HK$2,000 on their night out.

No problem with that. They work hard. So play hard. Good luck to them.

I offered to sell them the hat they so coveted for about HK$2,000 each. They could afford it.

With the money, Ridealist would be able to upgrade our camera and other gear to continue to providing a free service to impoverished NPOs and community groups.

But horror... even after explaining why I put such a value on the hat, they declined to buy.

I gave them all a card with Ridealist's web address... and told them to check in tomorrow on the journal page. It will be interesting to see how many respond.

Within a few days my magnificent Curtis will be exchanged for a new camera,
or it won't.

We'll see.

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