Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hands of Action Art Exhibition and Fundraising Auction

Plans for the Hands of Action Art Exhibition and Fundraising Auction are coming along just grand!

We've decided that in the interests of sustainability, the environment and basic economics (think of the local shopkeepers), the best idea will be to buy the materials locally in Uganda, rather than fly them half way around the world.

In addition, to improve the pool of "talent", Hands of Action has suggested we expand the project to include other local orphanages and schools. We can also introduce various categories of painting etc.

I have been canvassing folks far and wide about the best way to get the paintings hung in a proper gallery, or at least a venue where they'll be appreciated by a reasonable number of people.

And of course, there will be the online gallery and auction.

To get the ball rolling, it has come down to about US$200 to buy the materials and pay for the eventual posting of the masterpieces back to Hong Kong for processing.

This will be the digital scanning of each print, and then the creation of an online gallery / auction site.

It isn't so much is it? Just US$200 - so who will be our wonderful, generous sponsor?

What you will get. It goes without saying you will receive the appreciation of Ridealist and the scores or possibly hundreds of kids who will get a big kick out of participating.

But you will also get a credit on all material published (including videos) regarding the project - and this could stretch into the thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of exposures of your name or your company name.

If the project takes off, and we get these prints into a gallery/venue - then your name or company name as the original sponsor will be seen by important decision makers in the charity, philanthropic, CSR and general community.

Even as we acquire other sponsors for the venue, frames, etc etc... as the original sponsor who made this happen, you will still receive acknowledgement for the vitally important role you played.

Now where can you buy that sort of positive attention for 200 bucks?

Waiting with anticipation....

Chris & Shirley

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