Friday, 23 September 2011

Art project for youngsters in Uganda - Update

We've moved along a little since the original post yesterday.

We've had a few discussions with Ridealist volunteers and supporters and the ideas are coming thick and fast!

It really is more sensible to have the materials purchased locally in Uganda. Not least because it saves on the cost of postage from Hong Kong or Europe, but it is - albeit small - contribution to the local community. A few dollars can go a long way.

We're planning to have the best 40 or so either scanned in Uganda - or since we actually hope to sell the originals - have them rolled up into a nice cardboard tube and sent to us here in HK.

An online gallery will showcase the work, and then perhaps an online auction,

But one of our friends who knows some gallery owners suggested why not a real gallery, with real people walking around... one hand on their cheap (sorry) wine and the other on their cheque book.

It would be a wonderful boost for the children.

Remember, Ridealist is an inclusive group - whether you are a member or just a visitor, your views and suggestions carry equal weight and are equally welcome!

Thanks everyone!

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