Saturday, 2 July 2011

Making a difference can be a just few mouse clicks away...

Searching for the power of 1!

Shirley and I decided to embrace social media because we believe there are an incalculable number of people out there who would like to make a contribution to creating a better society, but are often held back by some misguided notion that it will cost them money they really can't spare; make demands on time they really don't have; they have no special talents.

We can empathize with their situation. In fact, everyone in the Third Sector has probably felt something very similar at one time or another.

But what if there was a way everyone could contribute? In fact, make a dramatic contribution, with just a few seconds of your time, no cash outlay, and no need for an advanced degree in medicine, administration, or some environmental science?

For those of you on twitter - re-tweeting or sharing things that interest you, that move you, that capture your attention can have a remarkable impact.

Share these ideas or initiatives with your followers. One mouse click. And you have spread the word of a worthy cause. You have become a goodwill messenger. A goodwill ambassador if you like. You may never know, but one of your followers might also retweet - and the word spreads until ultimately it reaches someone who can make a direct impression, whether financially, technically, or politically.

And it was just your single mouse click that did it.

Even if you make a habit of just doing one a day, you can go to sleep at night wondering if your retweet is already changing a life in a positive way. Let your imagination fly. You did something that you can feel proud of.

In this wonderfully wired world of ours, your tweet or retweet is being read and shared again. You are a changemaker.

I can't think of a nicer way to fall asleep, can you?

Much the same applies to Facebook and LinkedIn.

A share on FB, or transfering the link of a great article on LinkedIn to your FB or twitter account - it all makes a difference.

Think about it for a few minutes.

You all have the means to be changemakers - each and everyone of you.

And it isn't all about doing good for others, the environment or animals.

It is about doing good for you too.

You will be amazed at how even doing the simplest thing, just one time a day, can help change your outlook on life.

And who knows, the person you ultimately help might be someone you know.

It might be you.

The power of millions is made up of individuals. The power of 1. YOU!

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