Sunday, 10 July 2011

Olympic Dreams in Quechua - Filming Project in Peru

You may remember a few months ago we told you about a colleague filmmaker, Tim Lindop, who suggested an amazing project in Peru.

Indigenous girls from poor backgrounds training to compete in the London Olympics. Despite many obstacles; poverty, lack of modern training equipment etc, they are demonstrating they are likely to give anyone from the traditional sporting nations a real run for their money.

Amazing and dramatic location, a story of guts and determination - it really is a tale just begging to be told.

Tim has done most of the groundwork, contacted the folks necessary for permission to film and secured the cooperation of the training camp.

However, as always, it comes down to the money.

We can hire a "shooter" using his own equipment to do the filming under the direction of Tim, who will also conduct the interviews and do the necessary translations for an English speaking audience.

Editing, audio, subtitling and dubbing will be done by the Ridealist crew here in Hong Kong.

This is shoestring "guerrilla" filmmaking - to make it happen, we need between 400 to 500 dollars. And somewhat urgently.

For personal reasons Tim will be leaving Peru by the end of this month, so from today - we have about 20 days to get the cash to hire the cameraman and do the filming.

Your help is essential to make this happen.

Chris & Shirley

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