Monday, 6 June 2011

Reaching out

Ridealist is delighted to announce that our application for society status here in Hong Kong has been approved and we should receive the official documentation by the end of the month.

After more than two years working entirely on a volunteer - pro-bono - basis, we are now positioned to seriously consider expanding in respect of the services we can provide, and in our geographical reach.

Ridealist partners with small, grassroots non-profit organisations, providing them with video and photographic services to help raise awareness and boost their exposure to potential donors and volunteers.

Experience has taught us that Ridealist fills a critical need within the non-profit sector, a "niche" that the market is unlikely to meet on its own.

While there are some photography and video production houses that successfully operate on a social enterprise model, the fact that they are still a business limits the amount of low-cost or pro-bono work they can do.

Through partnerships with equipment suppliers and companies looking for new and innovative opportunities to expand their social responsibility footprint, Ridealist can focus on impact rather than profit.

But that doesn't mean we are not fiscally aware, we have learned how to make a little go a very long way! We didn't write the book on budget or "guerrilla" filmmaking, but we have read it and taken it to heart!

If you would like more information on how you can get involved, click on the email tab beside this message and drop us a line!

Chris & Shirley Gelken

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