Thursday, 23 June 2011

Previously on 24…

We've received some terrific feedback on our project to "go dark" for 24 hours.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

In particular we'd like to express our appreciation to Cyrille Jegu who suggested
we tell people to read their meters every day for a week to see how much energy they actually consume. We'll be doing that, and then measuring after our 24 hours "unplugged".

Cyrille said doing this on a regular basis gives people a sense of scale, and how much they are actually spending on power - and harming the environment.

He also said one thing we should do before "going dark" is to spread the word on what we are doing and generate a bit of peer pressure to maximize our effort. Locking us out from an "escape" clause, we like that. Thank you Cyrille.

He also reminded us that a Low Carbon lifestyle is not just a catchy name, it is a real challenge since we have built and become used to a carbon intensive system and lifestyle.

We are looking forward to more suggestions and tips from Cyrille, a gentleman we have known for a few years and whose experience in this field is second to none.

(But while Cyrille has an encyclopedic knowledge of sustainability - his opinions on Anglo-French history are a bit dodgy. )

We also heard from the Institute for Sustainable Communities who said their experience of turning off lights in China was broader (more people) but far less dramatic (less time "going dark").

They encouraged us not only to document the ways in which you have to make sacrifices, but also the aspects of our day that are more enjoyable/illuminating.

Well, we are planning a number of activities during the day that reflect what we would usually do electronically, and we suppose seeing us suffer in Hong Kong's hottest and most humid season will be amusing…..

As the day draws closer we'll be sharing details of some of the activities and what parameters we are setting ourselves - what modern appliances we can or cannot use.

There does have to be some latitude though. As Shirley pointed out early in the planning for this endeavour, WE are the subjects of the project - and WE are also the film crew recording the event. We're still working on that one.. especially since Cyrille will have a very close eye on our meter reading.

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions on how to make this a meaningful, educational, and fun project, please do let us know!

Chris & Shirley

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