Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Question for fundraisers!

I know most of this information is already out there ready to be found, but trust me, this isn't laziness, it is time management.

If you follow our blog or journal, you'll know we've just finished one video for RUFG in Uganda - a wonderful collaboration with Marcia Bujold and Ayo Johnson.

What you may not know is that we are currently editing a new version of our video for Hong Kong-based volunteer group, HandsOn Hong Kong, scripting and storyboarding another animation for Soul Talk, working on a motion-graphic video for Vision Africa, and prepping a full-length documentary for Love Without Boundaries.

And we do this part-time!

And apart from having a busy schedule, we face the same issues of many small non-profit initiatives - sustainability.

We've applied for "society" status here in Hong Kong that will allow us to openly seek corporate sponsorship, not only for our ongoing projects, but also to expand.

But anyone who's gone through a similar process will know how time consuming it can be.

So the question is, does anyone know of any online fundraising tools that are open, transparent, and of course, open to groups that are not yet officially registered?

We are particularly keen to attract interest for our documentary for Love Without Boundaries which will be filmed in China at the end of June.

Because it is outside our immediate geographic location they have kindly offered to sponsor us with airfare and hotel expenses.

This is very generous of them, but it is money they can ill afford. They already do tremendous work with very limited resources.

So your input would be most gratefully received!

Chris & Shirley

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Gabe O'Neill said...

Hi Chris,

You may have seen our donor walls. They have been quite effective. Here's an example: People buy a "brick" and in turn get promoted via a pic and a web link. Anyway, I built ours myself, but there's a company out there (@supporterwall) that offers something similar to be hosted on your site. You don't have to be a charity. If you use them, please let them know I sent you. Thanks!

Chris Gelken said...

Thanks Gabe!