Thursday, 26 May 2011

Video offer extended for one day!

It has reached that time when we really do have to sit down with our forward planner and decide our activities for the next couple of months. But for for the rest of the day at least:

We are ready to devote 10 or more days at the end of June to film a full-length documentary style video for a grassroots non-profit organization on a voluntary, pro-bono basis, conduct all the post production, video and audio editing, titles etc - but the offer must close today, Friday.

If the project is in our immediate geographic area, currently Hong Kong, we will cover all expenses by ourselves. In a word, the whole process will be "free".

In the event we need to travel outside Hong Kong, we would have to ask the non-profit concerned or their sponsors to contribute to travel and accommodation expenses. But apart from that, all of our labour etc would be on a voluntary basis and not subject to any charge.

We regret charging expenses, but as volunteers responsible for maintaining and updating our equipment etc, our budget is probably as stretched as yours!

We are able to offer you this opportunity following the unfortunate postponement of a project we had planned in China because certain local licensing issues could not be resolved within the necessary timeframe.

So to avoid similar obstacles, we all need to act quickly.

We are working concurrently on a number of other projects, and in order to ensure that our time is spent productively, we'll begin to divert our attention and resources to those projects with effect of Saturday morning our time here in Hong Kong.

Think about it, think hard about it... you might think you can't afford the expenses to bring us to your location. But can you afford not to have the same marketing tools as your NPO competitors who are attracting all the funding?

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