Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pro-bono video - Journal update - updated!

Following the postponement of our planned project to film a documentary for a non-profit in China during the second half of June, Ridealist is now available to offer the same opportunity to another grassroots organisation - but the window of opportunity is closing fast.

From about June 20 to the end of the month I will be on annual leave from my "day job" with TVB Hong Kong.

If you are (or you know of) a grassroots non-profit organisation that would like a promotional video, an "infomercial" or a more in-depth documentary style record of your activities, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

In our immediate geographical area, currently Hong Kong, we operate on a completely volunteer, pro-bono basis, covering all expenses.

However, if the project requires travel outside Hong Kong and time away from home, then we would need to ask the non-profit or their sponsors to cover travel and accommodation expenses. Other production costs would be covered by Ridealist and our sponsors.

But time is now rather short and we are already considering our options to fill those two weeks productively.

Consequently, if you are interested in taking up this offer, please do contact us at your earliest convenience.

For more information about Ridealist and samples of our previous work, please visit our website

P.S.: We've been approached by a couple of groups today who expressed interest, and then (understandably) had to decline because of the cost of bringing us to their country.
Realistically speaking, if you are in the United States or Britain, the cost of airfare and accommodation will likely reach about UK Pounds 2,500 or US Dollars 4,000 - for a 10 day to 2-week shoot, and to be frank, you should be able to hire a local crew for that sort of money. Or then again, maybe not. Remember, we are not only producing and filming, we are doing all the post production editing too. So US Dollars 4,000 is still something of a bargain!

Anyway, factor this into your considerations. Look forward to hearing from you!

Chris & Shirley

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