Friday, 27 May 2011

Filling a critical need

We're pleased to say that despite being a little disappointed at having to postpone our China trip next month, and the fact that we won't be packing our gear and heading off for a new adventure, our tweets have attracted enough "home based" editing and production work to keep us busy for quite a while.

Our good friend Marcia Bujold (@MarciaBujold) has once again volunteered to work with us on an animated feature for SoulTalk, a local Hong Kong support group for women facing a crisis in their lives.

We're into the last week of producing two updated versions of our video for HandsOn Hong Kong, one version of which will be used at their Gala Fundraising Dinner on June 11th.

We're also working on a motion-graphics / Skype video interview production to showcase the work of an amazing young African artist - a collaboration with Vision Africa (@VisionAfrica).

It looks like we've booked most of our weekends for the next half year at least by teaming up with Drop In The Bucket (@DropInTheBucket) to produce up to three videos based on the material they already have and will be uploading to our server. Visit their website, some great stories there and we hope to bring them to a YouTube near you soon!

We're chatting with Aleksy at (@weblogicss) to remotely produce and direct a video for the Drug & Alcohol Service London - he'll do the filming, we'll be looking after general production and direction and editing.

We'd also love to do something with Just Us Friends (@JustUsFriends) - what a great initiative, and they sound like truly amazing people.

We've an enquiries from Jeff Wuchich (@jwuchich) from the truly heart-wrenching website - you'll be inspired and deeply moved by the content.

Apart from the above, we've received a dozen emails from other grassroots or start-up non-profits from Peru, North America, UK, China, India.. way too many to list here. And while we might not be in a position to do anything for them right now, we certainly hope to be able to in the future.

Shirley and I are convinced that Ridealist is filling a need, a critical need, to help the small, the start-up, the underfunded, the grassroots non-profits raise their profile. Give them some recognition for the amazing work that they do.

But as our own name suggests, while idealistic, we also have to be realistic.

Shirley and I can only do so much.

If we were doing this full-time we'd be busy.

But we're not full-time. We're volunteers working on a spare-time basis.

So this is also a shout-out to other volunteers who may be able to help us with the various aspects of production (animators, motion graphics designers, cameramen, photographers, video editors, web-designers, marketers, CSR executives, grant writers - and last but absolutely not least - fundraisers, financial donors and philanthropists).

With your help, we could do so much more.

Thanks for your support.

Chris & Shirley Gelken

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