Saturday, 2 April 2011

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Here at Ridealist we love twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn... they've proved to be invaluable in making some extraordinary contacts with amazing people and groups.

Our recent shout-out to animators and motion graphics folks was especially successful.

We're now talking to half a dozen people who might be able to help us with our video for the Ugandan orphanage, and then the upcoming project with a local non-profit.

I am sure there will be more projects like this in the future, so building on these contacts will help Ridealist grow and reach more people - way, way beyond our traditional geographical reach.

Our offer to donate our two-week annual vacation to do a more in-depth feature for a grassroots non-profit, sadly, hasn't met with the same success.

The offer, however, is still on the table. Two weeks in June, any location outside Hong Kong - we'll film, script, produce, edit etc all on a pro-bono basis. You just have to come up with (or find someone to come up with) the funds to make it happen!

In the meantime we've been busy.

Shirley has been applying for grants to film documentaries in China - best of luck to her! I never realised that grant applications could be so complicated and convoluted processes!

I did a few voice-overs for our friend Ayo Johnson - the least I could do since he is the voice behind our Uganda video!

And yesterday we were out filming for a new video for Hands on Hong Kong - the locally based coordinators for volunteers.

We've got a couple of other projects that are in the planning or negotiation stage, no filming dates set yet.

And we're still in the long-running process of re-redesigning our website.

We've said it before, we'll say it again... this could so easily turn into a full time job, there are just so many good causes out there!

But before we close on this week's update, we'd just like to again offer out our thanks to everyone who has re-tweeted us, followed us, shared our posts on FB etc, and offered to share their valuable time on our projects. Thank you, one and all!

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