Saturday, 5 March 2011

Looking for volunteer opportunities in June - Update

In an effort to address a few more of the questions that have been coming our away regarding the project, we've decided a few more details might be useful!

Ridealist normally works within a small geographic area. When we were based in Beijing we focused on local NGOs, and the same criteria applies now here in Hong Kong.

This is because all the work we undertake is on a completely volunteer, no-charge basis, and we do not have any sponsorship. Consequently, we have to try and keep our costs to an absolute minimum. Therefore, the group we are working with usually has to be within reasonable range of public transport or a car drive away.

And of course there are other costs. Since we began Ridealist we've had to replace one computer for video editing, our video camera, and one still camera. We've also covered the costs for various computer software to assist in editing and communications.

This year we are trying something new, that is, moving beyond our immediate geographic area. We can contribute up to US$1,000 toward the costs, and are hoping the target NPO/NGO can help us with raising the necessary funds to cover the other expenses.

The response to our original posting has been wonderful, with interest being expressed from groups as diverse and distant as Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, India.

Now for the reality, the roundtrip airfare from Hong Kong to Uganda, Entebbe is US$1,200 each, which to be frank is beyond our means. And perhaps the money would be better spent reinforcing Ridealist's grassroots credentials closer to home.

We plan to spend up to two weeks with the selected NGO/NPO and aim to produce a short - perhaps two minute promotional / introduction video that can be embedded directly on the NGO/NPOs website front page. We will also producer a longer - up to 22 minutes - video documentary, looking at the NGO/NPO in more depth.

This can be shared with television stations/networks and non-profit video sharing websites such as DoGooder TV, About GoodnessTV etc..

The post-production (editing etc) will be done on our return to Hong Kong.

Please let us know if this is of interest to you, and if you have the capacity to help us with raising the necessary funds.

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