Sunday, 23 January 2011

Taming the Yellow Dragon - Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia, China

Taming the Yellow Dragon - Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia, China

Update: We were delighted to receive an email from Ambassador Kwon Byong-hyon. He told us that delegates had very warmly received his presentation at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification COP9 Summit in Buenos Aires. Our video, Taming the Yellow Dragon A Billion Trees in the Desert was used during the Buenos Aires presentation.

In fact, the Future Forest project in the Kubuqi Desert is now being held up as a flagship model for afforestation projects around, and Kwon Byong-hyon has been asked to serve as a roaming ambassador for the UNCCD.

Our warmest congratulations!

Video Description: The dramatic beauty of deserts has inspired generations of poets, painters, and adventurers. But the risk of further desertification now poses one of the greatest environmental and ecological threats to sustainable development -- not only to China, but also to the whole North East Asian region.

Produced by Chris Gelken & Shirley Han Ying


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