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Harmony House Hong Kong - Domestic Violence

Harmony House Hong Kong - Death Risk in Domestic Violence

All human beings have the right to live with dignity and respect, and to be free from violence and abuse. These basic human rights should be preserved and protected in our homes as well as in society.


This was the fundamental message at a recent seminar hosted by Harmony House, a Hong Kong-based non-profit that offers shelter and counseling to the victims of domestic abuse...


If you are the victims of domestic violence, or if you'd like to learn more about this issue, contact Harmony House on their hotline or by email.


Speakers appearing in this video:
Dr. KAM Chak-wah 甘澤華 醫生 (Director, Clinical Skills Training Centre, NTWC, Hospital Authority 醫院管理局 新界西醫院聯網 臨床技能培訓中心主任)
Ms.Tao How Wah, Queenie 陶后華 女士 (Executive Director -- Harmony House Limited 和諧之家總幹事)
Mrs. Lui Tsang Sun-Kai, Priscilla 雷張慎佳 女士 (Executive Director -- Against Child Abuse Limited 防止虐待兒童會總幹事)

Video produced by Chris Gelken and Shirley Han Ying
Photographs courtesy of Harmony House.
Music "At Rest" by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0".

本片由Chris Gelken和Shirley Han Ying製作。片中活動照片由'和諧之家'提供。音樂 "At Rest" 由Kevin MacLeod (,在Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"條件下授權使用。


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