Sunday, 23 January 2011

A big thanks to the friends of Ridealist

It was always going to be a lengthy process, but our project to produce a short video for the RUFG Orphanage in Uganda suffered a temporary setback after Shirley's MacBook Pro decided to blow its cooling fan.

As the more powerful of our two MacBook Pro's it was the one Shirley uses for the majority of the editing and animation. Consequently, while we haven't quite hit a roadblock - there are still parts of the project we can continue working on with the back-up Mac - it would be fair to say we have encountered a few bumps and curves in the road that will slow down the process.

Apple estimate it will be a couple of weeks - and several hundred dollars - to get it back from wherever "sick Macs" in Hong Kong go to get cured.

On this project, and some of the others we are concurrently working on, Shirley and I feel we are becoming part of a larger Ridealist family. This blog gets more hits than before, and the official Ridealist website is also slowly catching up.

The input we are getting is very encouraging.

People are taking notice of what we are attempting to do for Moses and RUFG, and it has caught the attention of other groups from Kenya, Cameroon and even India.

I have said it before, there is more than enough "projects" on our schedule to turn this into a full time job - which to be frank, would be absolutely wonderful!

But we couldn't possibly do it without the moral support and encouragement of our Ridealist friends, whose valuable insights and suggestions give us almost daily inspiration and motivation.

A heartfelt thank you to you all from me and Shirley.

We'd also like to re-extend our invitation for you to join us on LinkedIn and Facebook where you can comment, post pictures and links of the work you are involved in, basically make it a larger community of sharing.

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