Thursday, 27 January 2011

Art from the Daechu-ri Autonomous Village, South Korea

Art from the Daechu-ri Autonomous Village - the Peace Village

In December 2005 the South Korean government ordered the imminent seizure of the village of Daechu-ri. Along with more than 12-hundred acres of surrounding farmland Daechuri was to be sacrificed to make way for the expansion of a nearby US-military base. The order came with the ominous warning: forced evictions would take place if the residents did not move out peacefully. They didnt.

Daechu-ri became the scene of some of the largest and most violent clashes between the South Korean people and the government in decades.

Dubbed the Peace Village, it became a magnet for artists, musicians and peace activists.

Our still photographs were used for a front page story and a centre-spread article in The Korea Herald newspaper.

Produced by Chris Gelken & Shirley Han Ying in March 2007.


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