Sunday, 17 October 2010

Non Profit Organizations, grassroots and community groups in Hong Kong

Through our research for projects on Ridealist, we've been scouring the internet for Hong Kong-based non-profit organizations, local grassroots groups and other non-governmental organizations with whom we might collaborate.

Ridealist is a non-profit project in Hong Kong providing video and photography on a volunteer basis.

While we were based in Beijing we had the pleasure of working with, among others:

Future Forest - Taming the Yellow Dragon and The Great Green Wall project in the Kubuqi Desert
CAI - Educational projects for the children of migrant workers
Giving Hand - A joint project with Levi Strauss and Co to provide jeans to poor families in China's western regions.
ICVS - On many animal welfare projects.
God's Grace Garden - Raising awareness of organic farming in China.

Since moving to Hong Kong, we've produced video for:

Hands On Hong Kong - A local non-profit that acts as a bridge between volunteers and other groups. Hong Kong - A short promo for their Great Green Art Jam

And we've already filmed but not yet edited a video for Harmony House, an NGO that provides shelter and counseling for the victims of domestic violence.

As volunteers our time is often limited, and as a non-registered non-profit so are our resources.

The principle behind Ridealist is to offer services to the smaller non-profits and non-governmental groups that are using what limited resources they have for the purpose they were designed for. This often leaves them will little cash left over for things like photography or video production.

So we make no charge, pure and simple.

Having said that, Ridealist is always ready to listen to your needs, and if we can, we'll be there to help!

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