Saturday, 23 October 2010

Getting the word to Hong Kong non-profits and NGO's

We have been pleased with the feedback we've received for the Hands on Hong Kong video - we enjoyed producing it. But all credit to the volunteers, after all, it was their voices that provided the content!

Busy now still working on the piece for Harmony House and two versions of a promotional video for Holiday for Hope. We're making every effort to try and bring the party to Hong Kong this year, but make no mistake, it isn't something we can do alone. We need a lot of help on this - and we've been emailing local non-profits and community groups that work with kids to help us make it happen.

The Holiday for Hope week is from 13th to 20th December - so not a whole lot of time!

The membership on the LinkedIn and Facebook groups for Ridealist is slowly ticking up, and we're making some really useful contacts.

We also achieved a listing on - which is great. It should help drive some traffic to our site, and in turn, position us to help more local groups here in Hong Kong, and possibly across in mainland China.

The success or failure of any venture, and that includes volunteer activities conducted by groups such as Ridealist or Hands on Hong Kong depend entirely on getting the message out.

So feel free to link our website or blog to your site - in fact, please do!

We're planning to add a links page to our main website, but in the meantime our Facebook and LinkedIn groups already have tons of useful and interesting links.

Drop by and take a look!

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