Thursday, 3 June 2010

Today on Beyond Beijing - June 3rd - Sexual Harassment

What might be considered an encouraging pat on the back to one person, could be considered offensive and threatening to another. When it comes to sexual harassment there are some pretty obvious boundaries - and in today's show we're investigating how much those boundaries can shift depending on an individual's perception and sensitivity.

Xu Qinduo, Zhang Weiwei, Chris Gelken

Our distinguished panel included:

Joy Chen, former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, now a global executive recruiter and blogger at

Zhang Weiwei, Attorney at Law; Project Manager of Beijing Zhongze Women's Legal Aid Center

Michael Zhang, US-based Attorney at Law

Zhang Weiwei in the Today studio

You might be surprised by some of the advice offered - but you will certainly be well informed. For the full story, listen to Sexual Harassment on Today!

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